Yet More Marmalade!

Well I have got the bug!

Since my last post, I have made a lot more marmalade. I must confess to enjoy making it.

The results are very good with one exception. The rind ('bits') floats to the top of the jars no matter what I try. I have tried letting the marmalade cool first before pouring. I have tried part filling the jars then going around again to fill them up.

No joy.The marmalade tastes and looks great (apart from the rind being at the top).

So to date I have made (with some help from Suzanna), Two lots of Seville (about 22 1Lbs jars), one lot of lime(about 4 jars), One lot of Lemon(about 6 jars) and one lot of Grapefruit (12 jars).

The rubarb season is comming around, then the goosberries, then ……..