‘White (Brown in this case) van man strikes again’!

This happened Monday:
I have just come into town on my ROAD mobility scooter. It’s new. Taxed, registered with DVLA, INSURED WITH BREAKDOWN COVER. FULL road legal. It does 8mph. The legal max allowed. I have lights, hi vis vest and reflectors on it.
At the Hartford road works, I get a load of verbal abuse from a man in a brown van.
Telling me to ‘get on the bloody pavements and shouldn’t be allowed on the roads. ‘
Well Mr van driver, I am sorry I was so slow coming though the temp lights that you had to wait another 3 mins. I am sorry I am disabled and I am sure in your eyes we should all be ‘put down’.
I didn’t choose to become disabled. I didn’t choose to risk my life on the roads with inconsiderate drivers just to try to have some independence.
I didn’t choose to have my life ripped apart by being ill. To have to live off benefits instead of working. I would much rather not be in so much pain every day that I can’t stand it.I would much rather be the workaholic I once was. Thank you for making me feel so good on such a nice day.