What a Week!

Well this last week has been hectic, but very productive.

This last week we have had three rooms in the house re-floored with laminate instead of carpet. This has made a massive differance to me and my breathing. The problem is moving all the furniture. When you empty a room for say decorating etc, you tend to put the stuff into another room. The problem we had was they were being done as well lol.

So the contents of three rooms  had to be stored in the kitchen (whilst still having access to the kitchen).

The work went very well and was done in a professional way. The furniture is all back now and the HiFi is all setup again.

Also this week I FINALLY had my hospital appointment at the Lung clinic. Now that was a tiring experience. First I had to queue up at the reception. this took about half and hour. This was to get my notes. Then i had to queue at the nurses desk to hand the notes in. Then I queued for the doctor. The doc was a nice yound lady who was very helpfull and appeared to actually listen to me. Having said that she still wanted to have a chest x-ray (had one of these only a few weeks ago), and a blood sample for allergies(guess what? yep been there and done that this summer!). So off I went to queue at the raiology dept for my chest x-ray. Now as I was not an urgent case, people like me were 'slipped' in between the urgent cases (accidents etc). So after queuing for a while, I sat there ready with my shirt undone and coat off ready. Then I was given some paperwork to take back to the lung clinic. (yep queue again!). Then off to Phebotomy (bloods) for sample to be taken. Yep a queue again. Then back to the lung clinic to find out if the Doc wanted to see me again straight away. Nope she didnt. I have to come back in four weeks.

By the time all this had finished I was very tired, thirsty and hungry. So home and food!

The multi-fuel stove is fitted and working very well. We need to learn how to best use it (use is slightly different to an open fire)/ The only thing we have left in the lounge to do is a bit of touching up the paint on the wall where the old fireplace was.

All this work has cost us a lot of money (translates to 'were broke! lol'), but has made a massive difference to my health.

So this weekend, we decided that we needed some time off. We went to meet up with Betty (Suzanna's mum) and her friend. We arranged to meet them at Little Moreton Hall. We have been there a lot recently. The hall has a very nice garden and a very good restraunt.

After we had looked at the gardens and eaten a really nice  lunch, we decided to go to the cinema and see the film Tinker , Taylor, soldier Spy.

The film was excellent, but some people walked out in it. why Well the film is a good old fashioned film. Ie. is does not rely on special effects, It needs you to actually 'think' the story twists and turns and is not a film for people that just want to sit back and switch off their brains.

So if you are soemone who likes to text your friends (and annoy the hell out of every one else!)during the film, then its not for you as you will miss too much.

As a result of watching the film (reccomend the film), we didnt have tea until nearlly Ten o'clock. This is far too late for me. I like to eat around 6~7 ish.

We went to McDonalds (yes I kow but it was on the way home and quick), and had a big mac. For some strange reason we really enjoyed it and had no trouble eating so late.

I am hoping to start the forum area up very soon. The other areas on the website are comming along and will be available soon.

Well it's sunday night and we have had a great weekend. Time to sit back and relax.