Well I WAS going to do some photography!

Last weekend, I had this plan. We have had a lot of work done around the place and I thought  'right time for a weekend off.' Time to get the cameras out and do some photography.

Yes I was that niaive!  When we picked up the caravan the other week, we had so many things on that we basically just parked it on the driveway and left it. Well this last weekend, we decided to start getting it ready for use. After I had filled all the water reservoirs, and plumbed the gas etc, we noticed that we had water dripping inside the van!!

This is supposed to be not possible as it is a 'one piece construction'. So we contacted the suppliers and they said ' they couldn't see how we could have a leak but bring it back and they will check it out for us'. So I then had to empty all the water out from the water heater, toilet etc and get the van ready for moving.

We took it back (an eventful  journey as I was ill with a chest infection, feeling bad, and I had forgotten to engage the stablilizer!!). It turns out that the window catches had not had a gasket fitted at the factory. This was missing on all catches. The suppliers sorted it straight away and gave the factory a right rocket!. So back we came again. This took up all of Saturday. Sunday was taken up with getting back to where we wanted to be on Saturday. So photograqphy went out of the window again!

Tom my friend in the States has very kindly sent me a 4×5 negative so that I can test my LF scanner out (well I don't own a LF camera yet). I am looking forwards to doing that this weekend. Have you noticed that so many people are what I would call 'shallow friends'? Yes they are nice and friendly when you contact them, but you have to do all the running and they are never 'around' when you need them. It is a sad sign of the times I think. Tom I hasten to add is not one of these people!  We help each other out when we can and we can talk about anything to each other. We are all so busy wrapped up in our own lives that we get blinkered and fail to notice the people we leave behind.

Suzanna's mother has gone out to NZ (yes where the earthquakes were) to visit some friends. These people have been friends with them for 60+ years!! How many people can say that? The amazing thing is that Betty is 86!! (I am sure that she won't mind me saying that). Travelled alone from Manchester  to Christchurch via Singapore.  Then they are all going on a coach trip around NZ. I am proud to call her my mother in law.  Betty has a 'nick name'. Some photographers were on a local 'hill' called 'MAM TOR' in the peak district (its technically not a mountain but nearlly). They met Betty flying a kite on the top. The group took some photos of her as it created a good photo. So after that she is known as the 'kite woman of mam tor'.


I first of all hope to live to be 86, and secondly have good enough health to do things like that!

It's Friday as I write this. My lunch time at work. The week has been a strange one. I have slowly felt better as the week has gone on (recovering form the chest/sinus infection). There have been lots of 'hastle'. Things that just didn't want to run smoothly, but none have actually caused any trouble.

I am still having problems with the gallery software and I am beginning to think about trying some other software to use. I want to get the gallery up and running, but I need to make sure that there is a restricted area for family photos.

Have you ever tried 'Googling' your own name? Try it and then look at the images. You might just be surprised what is out there!!

When I woke up this morning, I was greeted by the sight of Suzanna asleep at the side of me. We have known each other now for 36 years. The sight still fills me with pleasure and peace. I never tire of looking at her.

We are very lucky. We found our soulmates early on and the first time around. I remember my mum saying the same thing about dad only a few years ago. We were chatting and she was saying how she missed him greatly. Even though he died about 9 years ago, she still missed waking up beside him every day. Sure they had arguments and so do we. But they are always over silly things that common sense would tell you are not worth getting upset over. Almost every day, we ring each other at lunch time to chat. No matter where I have been in the world, we have done this. We actually MISS each others company during the day! Not everybody is lucky enough to find  their 'soulmate', but when you do, make sure you work at keeping together. Its well worth the effort.