We have moved!

Well finally after many months, we have moved. Only about five miles, but to another village around Northwich.
Weaverham is a nice village with a reasonable selection of shops (and pubs lol)
We have bought a 1930’s (but much extended) bungalow. So no stairs.
New windows and a new boiler have gone in and the place is warm and comfortable. There is lots of decorating to do sometime, but non is in such terrible condition as to need doing straight away.
I have a ‘man cave’ lol Actually it’s a well-built, flat roofed shed with main electricity in it(about 10ft x 20ft). This will house my stoves and general camping /Bushcraft gear.
I am starting to get interested in photography again and hope to be setting up a darkroom in the next few months.
I have still not got my works pension(the battle goes on!) Suzanna has been ill these past few months. A broken rib, followed by the stress of moving left her run down and open to viral attack. This caused a ‘concern’ about the condition of her heart. Fortunately, things have settled down and she is returning to work.
I am slowly getting used to what I can and cannot do. It does not take much to tip the balance and give me a flare up in my condition. Cold affects me greatly. This is something new to me as I have always in the past loved the cold. Now it causes great pain and total loss of energy.
I will be starting work again on the Gallery soon. This will have a public section and a private family section. In the public section I intend to put some of my photographs for general viewing.
The family sections will be for family photos so that they are able to be shared and if wanted prints ordered.
The family history sections will be reviewed (a lot of these sections have been ‘behind the scenes’ for some time). I am feeling ‘stable enough’ now to start to do some things again. Time will tell what I continue to do!