Was that ONLY a week?

It feels like a month has passed since I finished for half term at school. It’s only a week though. We have ‘partly’ had a day off today. We actually had a ‘lie in’ (8:45 instead of 6:30) and it felt GOOD!! Well this week we have done so many jobs that its almost a blurr.
The decorating went well and we have moved all the furniture back now including re wiring the HIFI etc. Unfortunately there are some piles of stuff around still wanting sorting , but only a few.
The outside work is going well. They havn’t finished yet, but not far off and the work quaility is very good. That is hard to say in this day and age. One of the guys can talk for Britain lol. A nice friendly chap, but my does he like to talk!  Still his work quality is fantastic and so thats well worth putting up with loosing 1/2 an hour chatting to him lol.
My servers and Network storages are back in line and BT have done the Internet upgrade, so my download speed is about 35.5 Mbits with an upload of 8Mbits. You can tell the difference.
Today we started to kit the new van out with all the crockery etc. Its a small van, but loads of places to store things so it doesn;t look like we will be short of space. We do not intend to go for a break in it for a few weeks yet as we want to be sure we have it all set up first. I have attached the gas and we have tested the heater (very powerfull), the fridge and the cooker. The electric hook up was strange. Usually in the UK you have a bright orange cable of about 25Mtrs with blue 16A plug and socket on them. They charge the earth for them (well I think so!) ~£35!!
Now we had a cable that was used for that but I had changed the ends for other use.
When I went to price up the plug and socket, the bill was not far short of the price pf the lead! So we had decided that we would have to ‘bite the bullit’ and buy one. When we went to pick the van up yesterday, we asked to buy one and were told ‘ well the van comes with one but its the european ‘artic’ one’ This means that instead of the usual orange stuff that goes as stiff as a pice of metal in the cold, it was the extra flexible black cabling used in sub zero temps! Great ! one was provided and a better one then we would have bought.
When we went into the shop to finish the paperwork for the van, I noticed that they had a pile of these cables at a very good price (£10 each less then the price of the plugs). It seems people don’t want them as they are not orange. There is no rule that says they must be and the orange ones in the cold can be terrible to coil etc. So I bought two more! one as a spare and one to keep at home so that we can plug in the van to power when its at home and keep the batteries etc charged. I intend to get a 16A power take off  put in the front of the garage so that we do not have to use an adaptor to our 13A socket.
On the photographic front things have been up and down.
my 120 film has not arrived yet so I cannot try out my MF camera. The 35mm film has arrived but I have been too  busy to use it. One of the scanners I bought  has developed a fault. I do not know weather it is something optical or electrical, but for now it makes it unusable. The other flatbed scanner is a lower resolution but works fine. The 4×5 adaptor appears to work but I do not have a 4×5 neg to scan so that is waiting. I have not had time to set up my 35mm neg/slide scanner yet, so that is still in its box.
I have asked about an enlarger and had two offers of ones. I need to go and pick up tomorrow.  I went through some old photos that I found when we cleared my mothers house in 2009.,(Its been too painfull to go through the stuff until recently and even now its ‘iffy’). What I did find were some very interesting pictures of my father and his brother in school photos from 1929! There was even one of my grandmother (dads mum) from when she was at school in 1900. They were facinating to look at. In time (where is my time capsule??), I will be getting together all the family history for both sides of the family and all the photos etc and putting it in a section on this website. This job will take many years lol but its something I want to do. I know that our two daughters are not going to keep 90% of our photos (pictures of traction engines etc mean nothing to them). But if all the history is digitised and on a secure website (this site is backed up daily), then it may be kept. so all of our photos will eventually be digitised and put online. I hope to put as many as I can in a public section, but I will have to be carefull  of people ‘ripping them off’ some I am not bothered about. If they like them then fine they can have them! Others though are personal and I want to try and make sure they are not ‘abused’. We shall have to see, but that is one of my long term projects.
On Monday, I am back at work and I must admit looking forwards to the rest lol.