Trip to Blackpool

Yesterday I decided to go out for a trip to Blackpool. I havn't been there for a while and I like the organ music in the ballroom at the tower.

So I made some lunch and a flask and set off to Blackpool for the day. The journey was uneventfull

BUT when I got there, I wished I had not bothered!

Here is a picture of the beach (or what I could see of it!)

Blackpool Beach

This was how it was nearlly all the way from the south pier to the north pier.

The smell by the way was of an open sewer! Remember this was August the 23rd, still the 'peak season'.

So having decided that the beach was a waste of time, I decided to go to the tower. First the ballroom roof was being repaired, then the entrance was being updated and the queue!

Have a look:

The queue at Blackpool Tower

This queue went down the road and around the corner!

So I didn't bother.

So the day entailed a one hundred and twenty mile round trip to have a walk down the road, eat my sandwicthes in my car in the car park (no benches anywhere to sit) and buying four sticks of rock!  before comming home.

Ah well such is life!