Time out

Well I am on holiday! One week off from school. Its great! We have had a lot of decorating done this last week (three main rooms), and it has felt like we have ‘moved house’!
As one of the rooms was our bedroom (last painted 15 years ago! I hate the smell of paint), we had to sleep in the spare bedroom (among all the extra furniture). The trouble is where do you store a double matteress? well the obvious answer was on top of the other double bed!. There is a flaw in that. The bed then becomes very uncomfortable to sleep in!
So last week, we have had very uncomfortable disturbed sleep.
Then the end of the week was spent each night (until late) putting back all the furniture. we still have the HiFi etc to wire up and set up again.
Yesterday we were invited to a fancy dress party (Gladiators and Romans). So after we had the majority of the stuff back, we had to start making costumes. Still we made it and although the party was nearlly 100 miles away, it was well worth going to. The drive back at 3AM was  something I could do without!
So today we had a day off. No moving of stuff back in place (there is around 1000 DVD’s and CD’s to put back in the correct order), Nope we stayed in bed until noon, then got up and had a lazy day.  This is the first ‘lazy day’ we have had in more time then we can remember. We have watched films on the tv and caught up on some recorded stuff. We havn’t even cooked today! No, evening meal was a Dominos Pitza meal. Big Pitza (full house), garlic bread and chicken wing starter. Finished with Ben & Jerrys iced cream.
We are now sat watching a Sherlock Holmes on Tv in front of a nice coal fire. Tomorrow is another day and our ‘time out’ finishes (sigh). The people are starting on the garden and this will take two to three weeks. We have the rest of the furniture to put back, I have moved my workshop and I need to start sorting it out and getting the cabling done. BT are installing broadband this Friday, and so it goes on!
So I am going to savour every last minute of this ‘time out’!