Time Flies

WOW is it a month since I last posted?

Sorry about that, I will try not to let it happen lol.

Well we had an interesting holiday. We went to Derbyshire. Darley Dale to be more precise.The day we got there was a fine sunnny day. The next day… We had over a foot of snow!

The first Day.

Then we woke up to this!









The snow lasted a few days , but apart from the first day it wasn't a problem.


Since then the weather has been just plain silly.

Back at work and there is a mountain of work to do. 

I am trying not to get stressed about it as there is no point, but everytime I seem to be getting on top of it, something else happens.

We have had to cancel our June holiday as it is the week after my operation and the surgeon said that he 'would be happier if it was a week or two later'. Unfortunately as I work in a school,I am tied to school holidays.

Ah well!

We have started the mamoth task of scanning 40+ years worth of photos. Eventually they will be available (mainly to family only but some for public viewing) online.

At a rough guess, I reckon we are looking at 20,000 Plus!  to do, so I am not spending loads of time getting the settings just right for each photo. I just have not got the time.