Things are finally on the ‘UP’

Well after another spell in hospital which started with a call from my doctor saying ” we think your aorta might be leaking and we want you in hospital now. Can you get there or should we send an ambulance?!!”
This was to North Staff’s Coronary Care unit!!
Well I am happy to report that there is no leak and my heart (after many tests and a LOT of needles later) is fine. So what ever is wrong with me is not the actual heart!
Despite all that, I am actually feeling a lot better!
It started the weekend after coming out of hospital strangely enough.
Almost like my body system, coughed, spluttered, then started running better.
So for the last three weeks I have had some energy, started taking an interest in things and enjoying life.
I still have problems, like I run out of energy, my fingers (and once the lower half of my right leg) turn black for a few mins.
But generally I feel ‘alive’ again.
I have a lot of catching up to do and for the last eleven months I have done very little exercise, so that will need correcting.
For the ‘older people on here, I feel like my body system ‘needs a good shot of ‘Redex’ and a burn up the motorway lol’
So what about the website?
Well as soon as I can get rid of the backlog of jobs, I will be updating the site and bringing on line a lot of resources that have been ‘hidden from the public whilst I configure them.
One is a photo gallery.
I am so looking forward to doing some photography again and actually using my large format camera at long last.
We have started to go away for the weekends in our caravan and often we meet a lot of relatives on the campsite and we have a ‘family BBQ’
This is really a moral booster to see three generations of family together. I pity that my mother could not live long enough to see this.
Like a lot of families, we all had busy lives and had grown apart. My sisters live quite close, but we were all so ‘busy’.
Well now we make the time to see everyone.
Throughout all of my illnesses I have managed to keep at work since I came back (October) after the operation.
It has been hard some days, but I have managed it.
Well work is actually beginning to feel good!
Mainly because I feel so much better, but also things have become more stable at work.