The Butterfly effect

You have all heard about the butterfly effect. You know, a butterfly flaps its wings and thousands of miles away there is a storm.
Well whilst that is unlikely, the principle is valid. Small changes at one point can have massive effects else where. My friend Tom (graywolf)has started to play around with his Medium format  equipment again. This he has been writing about in his blog. Now this got me thinking about my photography and how much I miss playing around with actual film. Digital cameras are fine, but (IMHO) they just don’t do black and white the same. I was looking at some fantastic old pictures of parts of London ( Photo’s of Londonl) and personally the pictures just had so much charactor compared to modern ones.
This has led to me buying an old agfa Isolette. This is a medium format camera from a ‘byegone’ era.
No autofocus, no exposure meter, you have to ‘arm the shutter’ before you can use it. manual wind on of the filma(and make sure you don’t wind too far!). Absolutely GREAT!.
I will develop the film and then scan the negatives for now. but I can see me getting my old  darkroom setup some day lol.
I won’t be giving up on my digital photography, but  somehow its just not as much fun.
The funny thing is when I went to school, one of my collegues who does a fair bit of photography told me he had just bought and Olympus trip and was finding it great fun!
This does not surprise me as I see the same thing in computing and a few other things. Modern computers are fast , powerfull and BORING!
Remember we went to the moon using 4K of RAM!!!!
The old computers have charactor about them. Modern ones don’t actually do much more or even much faster. They look fancier and the graphics are completely different, but do we really do any more with them then we did with ones from before?
Yes I am generalising but the principle is correct. Look at classic cars. Why does anyone want to bother owning an old car that needs constant attention, is noisy and costs a lot more to use?
Thousands and thousands of people thats who!