Test test and more tests….

Well Still off work (when I saw the doctor, he signed me off for two months!). We are waiting for two sets of test results to come back. Depending upon what they say as to weather I will need another operation.
In the mean time. I try to do bits and pieces and stay positive.
We have gone away on holiday (only in the UK) on a holiday that we had booked well before any of this. The docs have said that it is a good idea to 'go get some R&R'.
Trying to forget about the tests and what the hell is up with me is like trying to ignore a war that's going on next door to you!!!
The weather has been mixed today. one minute it's throwing it down, the next it's very sunny and everything is steaming.
We went shopping this morning and now I feel worn out and both hot and cold at the same time. My chest is not so good this week. I am having to use my blue inhaler a few times a day. I will have to keep an eye on that. Feeling like you are 'chocking' all the time is not nice.
I have brought some cameras with me in the hope of doing some photography. One medium format (Agfa Isollette) using Shanghi100ASA film.
A Pentax ME Super with a couple of lenses and Ilford FP4 Plus film. Then the normal digital kit and the 'carry along'. The lodge we are in is facing a Coniferous wood and even though we have only been here just over 24hrs, I have seen more potential photos then I have film lol.
There are a lot of what I call 'Ansel Adams' photos. the sunlight  comes through the trees in the afternoon.
Last night Suzanna and myself were up in the night because of myself having problems (I am suffering a lot from parts of my body suddenly (usually at night) deciding to become inflamed and go very sore and hot) Last night it was two toes that 'played up'!
Anyway The view of the light outside the bedroom window was fantastic. It reminded me of Narnia lol No it wasn't exactly the same, it just was similar.
This was about three in the morning. Tonight I am hoping to take a few pictures with the cameras on tripods(yes this year we actually REMEMBERED them lol!!).
Betty (Suzanna's mum who is on holiday with us)is busy watching the Olympics, Suzanna is bead weaving. Something I want to do but cannot concentrate enough just now.
I am of course writing this blog lol.
I will try to upload some of the photos I have taken with the digital cameras so far, but they are more 'record shots' then artistic, so you will probably not 'see' the pictures that I can 'see'