Still off work

Well it's been three weeks now since my operation and I am just beginning to feel better.

Everything went well to start with. To be honest it felt just like I had some minor cuts on my side Then the trouble began. One of the four wounds became infected. Also the anesthetic wore off fully. Now one of the problems with anesthetic is that it can stop your intestine from working. There is a name for it, but I cannot remember it just now. Basically the peristaltic action stops working. So that combined with an infected wound and the full amount of the pain from the surgery. Also I managed to tear some internal stiches. so as you can imagine, I felt pretty rough. The first lot of antibiotics did not work, so They put me on another type. Part way through last week, they talked about me going  back into hospital. Fortunately Things have improved and I stayed at home and have improved. I went out for a small walk (about 500yds) and only just made it. It is finally sinking in that I have had major surgery and I can't just put a sticking plaster on it and carry on!

I will be off work for at least another week and that is if things carry on improving. As someone who is a 'workaholic' It has been very hard to do nothing! It's a bit like asking an Italian to talk whilst sitting on his hands! lol

Today is the first day not pumped full of all my pain killers. The day is young but I am hoping that I can start to ease off all the drugs.