Snake oil…

I am writing this from Wetherspoons in the NEC Birmingham. Suzanna is in a lecture about some holistic thing or other.
We have ben around the holistic show that is on here.
To me it reminds me of the old eastern bizzar. Sellers claiming all sorts of magic cures and remedies for everything under the sun.
Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the stalls selling oils and equipment, or even the stalls selling treatments(although I personally would not find a ‘relaxing massage’ in front of a few thousand people that relaxing!!
No What gets me are the ‘claims’ some of these stall make.
Now instead of just being honest and saying things like ‘It can make you more relaxed, or you might feel more ‘in focus’ etc. No there were stalls claiming that you really will get a far better massage and ‘uplifting effect’ from our £100 piece of bamboo stick. complete with the ‘hand crafted ends’.
Now as a Shaman, I find a lot of the claims by some of the stalls at this type of events rather funny.
I do feel sad for ‘joe public’ however as they actually believe that the massage WILL be a lot better because the masseur is using a £100 piece of bamboo rather then one from the garden they have smoothed and practiced with lol.
It’s like with photography. You get people that honestly believe that IF they buy the latest camera and all the most expensive lenses to go with it, then they MUST get great photos.
I could buy the best paint brushes and oils going, but I can’t make a ‘Mona Lisa’!! lol.
Paint the side of a barn door maybe lol.
Holistic therapy has it’s place and (as with all things) in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing, it can be very beneficial.
But no matter how expensive the couch/decor of the room/uniform is, if the person is no good then the treatment is no good either.
Go to India, in fact many of the Asian countries and you will find people that give excellent massages/treatments on the side of the road.
There are some things that just take time to learn and a lot of effort.
No one expects to do a six week course on brain surgery and be a brain surgeon!
But a lot expect to do similar and know everything there is to know about computer, or woodworking, or holistic therapy,or …..
The list goes on.
I see courses on how to become a Shaman.
They annoy me greatly. Why Because I do not believe that you can ‘make a shaman’. Either you are ready to be one or you are not!
I have had many people ask me to ‘teach them to become a shaman’.
The answer is always no, but I will walk the path with you and be your guide.
When I explain to the person that one of the first things you will need to do is to face your own demons. To face what you are afraid of and take the power away form it, 90% do not want to go any further.
The ones that do expect a ’24 week course’ and be a Shaman lol.
When you say that it may take a lifetime, on a moment, they do not understand/like that.
So to date everyone that has asked has decided that they would prefer to ‘go and do a craft course instead’ lol.
such is their commitment.
To be a Shaman is to be ‘aware’. Self aware and aware of everything around you. You can ‘sense’ plants growing. See the beauty in a single moment and yet loose a day. you are aware of the thoughts and feeling of people around you.
The very ground itself. A lot of you must have heard the phrase (when talking about old furniture) ‘if only that xxx could speak what tales it could tell.’
Well to a shaman it does!
I do NOT go in for competitions especially photographic ones.
I do my photography for myself. Not for anyone else. If someone likes it also then that is a bonus.
I have done talks about some of my photographs and people have said that they were good. That is nice but notwhat I did the talk for.
There is a book (I can remember the title just now, I will add to the end of this post the name etc.). It is all about those photographs that are usually classed as ‘mistakes’. you know the ones. sun in the frame, light has leaked in, the composition if very wrong, etc. etc.
you know I actually find it a very refreshing book!
Yes photographers like HCB or Ansel Adams etc. have excellent photos. but they are not the only type of photos.
Just as humans are very different in size, shape, attitude, moods, etc. so are photographs.
an example. Now will all have our ‘dream person’. you know the one. The Film start or pop star , or whatever that we secretly drool over.The thing that dreams are made of?
Well a few years ago I met a lady who was the exact opposite of my ‘dream woman'(think Kylie Minogue, hey I am a man lol!!). she was a size 30+ etc and in every way the opposite to my dream.
BUT you know this lady became a fantastic friend. she has a great sense of humor. In fact she is just fun to be with. You can talk to her about anything, have a laugh and a joke. Have a serious chat what ever.
You see whilst I have my ‘dreams’ I also look (and see) the person themselves and not the thin outer shell.
The lady in question (no names) has been a positive valuable addition to my life. It would of been easy to not of even spoke to her as she was an ‘opposite’ for me.
Now before anyone thinks ‘that is shallow thinking’. Put you’re hand on your heart and say you have NEVER though that!
We all do, even without thinking about it.
Being able to ‘see past that (whilst accepting that we do it), is part of what being a Shaman is.
So when I see people on stalls making claims that they don’t even believe themselves…..