Scooters and Batteries

This last weekend we went to a motorbility show. We went to look at scooters. I have two scooters. One is a ‘Boot Scooter’ This is a small 4mph scooter that comes apart into about five pieces. this is so that you can ‘fit it in the boot’!
The other is an old ‘Shop mobility’ scooter. It is still 4mph(In the UK there are two types. 4mph(class 2) and 8mph(class 3) scooters. 4mph are for use on the pavements (sidewalks). the 8 mph are for use on the roads(with all the cars!!). These usually can be ‘turned down’ to 4mph to be used on the pavements). The Shop mobility scooter has done me well and cost me basically the cost of new batteries(~£150). I use this to go to the local pub/shops.Now we have moved, the distance to town in such that it would take me about 1 1/2 hours to go to town. Also it is limited in range to about 15~20 miles(on a good warm day!). We have bought a new scooter (kymco MAXER). It is a class 3 scooter and has a range of about 35 miles. Taking into account the more ‘realistic’ range, I would be able to go to town and back with plenty to spare. It also has suspension! lol. Hopefully it will be here at the end of this week. I will not be able to use this on the buses, but it will allow me to go to town and the local park.
A great amount of freedom.
The Boot scooter (the one that has had battery problems), I have ordered a bigger battery pack from the manufacturers. This will be a 20AH pack not the 12AH pack. The battery pack I have now (which is down after only one month with new batteries), is giving me about ONE mile range!!!These batteries have been replaced under warranty once already. the suppliers have agreed to replace again but with a different make of battery.
I have used a couple of my film cameras. the first time an a while. I have a few films to develop, but my confidence is not good just now, so I have not done them yet.
There are so many things I am wanting to do, yet just cannot get going doing them.