Relaxing times

It's been just over a week since my last post and the holiday finished, but we are away with our touring caravan for the weekend.

We have had a really nice weekend so far and the weather has been hot (fortunately windy as well).

My two sisters were also camping not far away, so we visited them Yesterday in the afternoon. My nieces and their families were there also, so a 'family gathering'!

No pictures I'm afraid, I just forgot in the cacophony of activity!

It was good to see them all and we had a nice couple of hours with them. I was worn out by the end though and suffered with a lot of pain in the evening.

It seems to be having to concentrate that gives me the most problems at the moment, but I AM improving.

We have just had a late breakfast and Suzanna has just put the kettle on for a nice fresh coffee.

The camp site is very quiet except for road noise every so often, but it is not a problem as the road is a country lane going to a few houses and a couple of farms.

I am now able to start thinking clearly (something I have not been able to do for over three months). That makes me feel more 'in control'.