Pre Christmas Update

It has been a few weeks since I last updated this blog. That is because I have started back at work on a 'staged return to work'. Basically building my hours up until I am at full time again.

I am at six hours a day now (this is the last week). After Christmas, I will be back to full time.

I cannot lie, it has been hard. I am still awaiting  an appointment at the sleep clinic (I have been told at LEAST two months!), so I go to bed at night not really wanting to go to sleep because I know I will wake up feeling more tired then when I went to bed.

Work is going well. There is a mountain of work to do, but my employers are very supportive and so I feel very hopefull that I will be able to fully return to work. I have been off work for six months and a lot of people that have been off that long tend not to go back. I actually enjoy my job and was determind to get back to a full  life. I want to enjoy my hobbies and my work and I can't do either if  I don't get my fitness and health levels back up.

My asthma has been playing up a lot, partly I think due to lack of good sleep and general 'stress'.

This year has been a dramtic year. A lot of bad things and yet some god has come out of it.. When you face your mortality (either real or percieved, it doesn't matter), you re-assess just what you are doing and what is worth bothering with.

We have decided that there are a lot of 'material' things we have that are just taking space and add nothing to our lives.

So things like the very large DVD and CD collection we had, have now been sold. Some DVDs we had not looked at for nearlly ten years!

I have got rid of some of my servers at home also. Over fifty virtual (everything is virtualised these days lol) servers have been deleted. and the hardware passed on to others who could use it. I still have far to many computers lol but I am down to two servers!

I need to go through my camping/bushcraft/stove collections and 'thin them down'

We have also got rid of some furniture that we just don't use anymore/don't like.

The house looks empty in some rooms now (it isn't, it's just the removal of 'crap' lol). The house is really far too big for us now that our daughters have left home, but it is convenient for our jobs, so for now we will stay.

After the festive season has finished and becoem a memory, I will start to 'bring on line' a lot of the behind the scene changes I have been doing. The gallery for example has had a few thousand pictures imported into it. Not all of these will be available to the public, but some will be.

The computer emulator section, again has been developed and will (hopefully) be back online soon.

So to the two of you that actually read this website (lol), there will be more to look at.

Have a safe and happy holiday what ever your beliefs are and remember, just because soemone does not share your beliefs does not mean they are any more wrong then you!