Potions and Lotions!

Today we went to a 'special' at Little Moreton Hall.

They had a 'potions and lotions' day. The stalls had a vast array of herbs and plants that were (and still can be) used for helping and curing various ailments.


Little Moreton Hall (not  a level beam in site!)


Ladies making 'nosegays' (posies made to smell when you passed anywhere that smelt! and to aid in your general health).



The potions and lotions stall.

There were the expected things (Honey, a very good antibacterial and NEVER goes off). Sage Thyme etc etc. But I was surprised to see Digitalis for example. This (in the wrong hands) is a very effective poison!. Some of these things, you could try today, but others, are a definate  no!

They had pictures of distillers that were used in Tudor times (and before). By todays standards they were very inefficient. but they did work!


A Tudor Still (later model).

Here is a picture of a clay still. The picture I took didn't really show it well. So I have taken a liberty of using a picture taken from www.stalbansmuseums.org.uk. I hope that they don't mind (if they do I will of course remove it).


If you understand how they work, you will see that they fall down on cooling the vapour. This is where modern distilling units win.

Water was not drunk in those days as it was not safe to drink. So everyone drunk beer or wine. Here is one of the wells at LMH.

Remember that this is only about twenty feet from the moat. The moat has all the 'waste' from the toilets.

Would YOU drink the water?

The  hall is a National trust place and steeped in history. The restauant sells some fantastic food made on the premises.

Not cheap (not that expensive) but really good food (including scones, jam and cream!)

Again really interesting and enjoyable day.