Playing ‘hooky’

As some of you know, I work in IT as a Network Manager in a school.

This time of the year is the summer holiday. Thats six weeks of no school. For me that does not work quite like that as I am employed to work two weeks in the school holidays. Generally I choose when, but it depends upon what is needed. This has never been a problem and is done by mutual agreement between me and my boss.

This year I had already worked one week earlier in the year, so I worked the first week of the holidays. The school is having its five yearly electrical safety check.This means that every fusebox and switch gear is isolated and checked. for this to happen, the computers have had to be turned off. now a desktop pc is one thing, but servers are not usually so 'keen' to be turned off. They have a nasty habit of not wanting to turn back on.

The same goes with switches. The safety check will take all the summer, but the 'key' areas have been done and all the servers etc are back up and running. So now ( apart from one or two small jobs), I have the summer free. Now this may seem strange, but  I feel like I am 'playing hooky' from work!

I am a bit of a 'work a holic', so NOT working seems strange. I have a mountain of work to do at home and as my health has not been good for some time, I could do with the rest.

I am not going to get into the debate about 'lucky people' who have such long holidays. Real workers don't have the luxury'. Well all I can say to that is, try working in a school environment, then say that!

I used to work in industry and thought the same. But now after working in education, I must say that you DO NEED the break.

In my last post I said about going to an acupuncturist. This is still on going and is still making a big difference to my health. Ido not get to see the specialist until September, so anything that helps me to feel better in the mean time is worth it.

Every summer I think of grand things I want to do. Every summer I never get to do half of the plan. Ah well such is life!