Photography old and new

I have been having a conversation with my friend Tom (see links ‘Graywolf Photo’s’ at the side for his blog). We have been talking about Film and medium format cameras.
I have done MF in the past but didnt really get on with it.
It seems expensive and fiddly comepared to 35mm.
As the majority of people, i have gone over to digital for my ‘day to day’ photos.
But for black and white photos, you still can’t beat film. There is a differance in a digital that has been converted from colour to B&W compared to a true B&W film  photo.
I used to have a darkroom, but it has gone the way of the D0do like a lot of others. I still have a lot of the gear (except the enlarger).
What I am looking at doing is to use film and develop it, but then scan the neg. That way I can (I believe) have the ‘best of both worlds’.
With a little  thinking, I can use a changing bag to load the developing tank then the rest is done in daylight.
The chemicals you can use these days are not the nasty smelly stuff they used to be. In fact you can get away with very little in the way of chemicals.
Whilst I have been writing this blog entry, I have had a phone call from a good friend.
apart from putting the world to rights lol  we  were talking about how a lot of things are ‘de-skilled’ these days.
Now I am sure that each generation says the same about the next. But I think that this is happening quicker then it used to. The pace of life has speeded up conciderably and so has the ‘dumbing down’ of society.
How many people would have an idea what was wrong with their everyday appliencies?
I am not saying be able to fix them, but know enough so that if they actually bother to take them somewhere to get fixed, they would know if they are having the wool pulled over their eyes.
A lot of people  would just take the applience to the tip and buy new, which is a great waste of resources.
This is the way of ‘the throw away society’