Operation Adrenal

On the 28th of May, I went in for a laproscopic adrenalectomy. (keyhole surgery to remove my left adrenal gland).

All went well and my blood pressure has instantly dropped from high/very high to normal range.

I am now recouperating and at home. I feel battered and bruised but ok.

It will take many weks to recover fully, but things are looking good. This is the first operation I have ever had and it is classed as a fairly major one.

The hospital staff were very helpfully and kind and I felt that I was in very good hands.

The Surgeon (called Mr Guy) did a fantastic job and has been very friendly and helpfull throughout.

I as usual want to be better sooner and have already tried doing too much too soon. This is one of those occations that I will very soon realise that I will just have to wait.

Suzanna has been a mountain of support and has been wonderfull. For the past few months, I have been very unwell and my emotions have been all over the place.not upset, but my body has been flooded with excess ardenalin (plus all the other chemicals your adrenal gland produce).This has meant that I have been angry/anxious/ready to fight  almost 24/7.

fortunately I am not a violent man, but suzanna has had to bear the brunt of a nasty tounge. This has been upsettign to me as I have not been able to stop it. We have been married for over 30 years and as our vows said. 'In sickness and in health'. Well I am so lucky to be married to such a caring, loving wife.

I am on a fair amont of pain killers but not much else. After having years of being on god knows what meds, thsi is great. I know the pain will subside in time, so I am very pleased.

There is lots of things I want to do (my Raspberry pi computer has arrived for example), but they will have to wait.

I am signed off from work for two weeks at the moment, but knowledgable people have said to be prepared for up to six/eight weeks off. A lot of my insides have been moved and are bruised. We shal see.