Nothing new.

I have not posted for a bit because there is not much new. At the beginning of August, I went to the ‘sleep clinic’ for my CPAP ‘MOT’. Everything was fine with the CPAP, but they commented that my general health had deteriorated considerably The next day I went to the Dr and she immediately signed me off work. I have been off work since. The current thought is that I am suffering from fibromyalgia. I have been put on some meds (they are actually a mild ‘anti-depressant’ but they are used for pain relief). The new meds have helped a bit. The pain is still there, but I am more able to ‘cope with it’. I am totally worn out and need to rest. There are days when I might start to make a cup of tea and stop part way through because I have forgotten what I am doing. I rest a lot!

To add to my misery, I managed to not drink enough and end up with Gout! I always thought that Gout was from drinking to much booze! It seems that having sleep apnoea increases my chance of having it (lack of oxygen to the extremities), not enough fluids (water etc.), to rich a diet in some foods (sardines etc.). There was two days when I was so fatigued, that I didn’t bother to get myself any drinks during the day and only had four cups of tea to drink in 48 hrs. The next day I started with Gout.
I cannot take the usual meds for helping with the inflammation (NSAID like ibuprofen) due to the enlarged aorta and the risk of making it a lot worse. So I was put on a toxic drug called colchicine. This works fairly well (it still took a week to get rid of the majority of the Gout), but it has a rather nasty side effect.  Explosive diarrhea. with very bad abdominal pain. So on top of everything else, that is what I have had for the last week!