Northwich Heritage society

We have a heritage society locally thatt we are members of. They meet for eight meetings a year. Once a month over the winter/spring.

I have added a link to their site for anyone who is interested.

Here is a copy of the events comming up. As you can see a variety of topics and some look very interesting.

Friday 4th November 2011
Cheshire Airfields Airfields – Tony Barratt’s lecture will cover all the airfields in Cheshire and their history. Tony plans to cover Cranage and Stretton in some detail describing why they were built and their history. This promises to be a unique and very different lecture.
Sponsored by Northwich Glass
Friday 2nd December 2011
The History of the Longbow – Bernard Dennis, a member of the British Longbow Society, will talk to us about the development of bows and arrows throughout the ages. This will range from the need for hunting, the use in war and recreation, and also the legend of Robin Hood. The talk will be illustrated with a variety of bows and arrows from Bernard’s collection.
Sponsored by CRS Consultants
Friday 6th January 2012
The Story of Jodrell Bank – Ian Morison will recount the history of this world famous observatory. This will take us from its origins in the Second World War to its significant contribution to the early days of the space race. Ian will show us some of the most exciting discoveries that have been made at Jodrell Bank.
Sponsored by Tata Chemicals Europe
Friday 3rd February 2012
The Port Sunlight Story – Gavin Hunter’s lavishly illustrated lecture on the history of this unique Wirral village. This will include the story of its founder, William Hesketh Lever, the first Viscount Leverhulme, the factory he built and the community he created.
Sponsored by Gilroy Wilson Shoes
Friday 2nd March 2012
Cheshire Maps and Mapmakers – Jonathan Pepler’s talk on maps and their makers will cover the development of mapmaking in England and will include the study of large scale manuscript maps of estates, inclosure and tithe. Jonathan will illustrate this with examples from Cheshire.
Sponsored by Willows Veterinary Group
Friday 30th March 2012
Secrets of a Small Cheshire Parish – Judy Popley will illustrate this with a surprising little parish – High Legh. Judy will explore the changes since the Norman Conquest right up to the 21st century and how this parish has gone from a thriving country backwater with two stately homes to a commuter village encircled by motorways.
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Friday 4th May 2012
The Society’s A.G.M. at 7.30 pm is followed by the lecture The Cheshire Wildlife Trust – Rob Raphael will bring us details of the work of the Trust throughout its 50 years. Rob will cover a number of controversial issues such as badgers and grey squirrels and will ask you to take a look at your own garden to see how you can help sustain our wildlife for our future. A “must” lecture for all garden lovers.
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