M(useum).O(f).S(cience). (and) I(ndustry).

This last Sunday Suzanna was going to a beauty show at what was the G-mex centre (link). This was not my 'cup of tea'!

So I decided to take the opportunity to visit the Manchester Science Museum (MOSI). I had not been to the museum in a few decades! In fact the last time I was there, it was in a totally differant place lol.

So we used the metrolink into the city and decided to have lunch at the Museum.

First shock! The lunch (which was very nice) consisted of two salads (one beef and one mackrell) and three drinks (to sodas and one coffee) came to  a staggering £18!!!

The museum itslf is spread over five buildings. some of which have a place in history The railway station is the oldest in the world

Here is a picture of the first class booking office.


I did intend to put quite a few pictures of the museum up, but to be honest, I am not sure they are worth it.

Don't get me wrong. The museum is worth going to, especially if you have children with you. but in a way thats the trouble. You see for me personally, I found the whole experience had been 'dumbed down' too much.

The Rutherford collection for example. was bits of his lab (in glass boxes) and lots of illuminated posters about who and what he was. For example:

I am sure the children find this better, but personally I marvell at looking at the actual equipment used  or that actual gun or tank or plane or what ever it was. They have charactor and tell tales or there life..

Perhaps its just my age lol!

I found the Imperial War Museum the same. gone are the rows of tanks and guns. Now its a 'spectacle son et lumière' (a sound and light show.). It's good don't get me wrong, but why can't we have both?

The multi media to tell the tale and the actual stuff to marvell at?

Such is life!