Mother in Law

It is always implied that Mother in-laws are

a) Dragons

b)The ‘Butt’ of jokes

c)not nice.

Well today I went on a coach trip with my mother in law and had a very nice time! We went on an ‘Age UK’ organized trip to Port sunlight on the Wirral  (Link). At The Lady Lever  Art gallery  an exhibition of the painter JMW Turner has been on. I, like a lot of other people know of one or pos two of his works like the picture called The Fighting Téméraire, but that is it. Well I was very surprised to find that I really enjoyed looking at the rest of his work. His early works were more subdued colours and had a lot of ‘pen work’ in them. as a result of which they have a lot intricate detail. After a trip to Italy, the colours became more saturated.

His later work is more(my words only!) ‘impressionistic’. It seems he used a technique of a wash then painted. Some of these  personally, I had trouble looking at. Not because they were bad, but that due to the colours used and the ‘smudging’ (my words again) of the picture, I could not focus my eyes easily on them(think of looking through a pane of glass that has heavy rain running down it at a watercolour).

What has this go to do with Mother in-laws?

Well Betty (my mother in law who is 90 in a few months time and still goes hill walking!) was very good company! Betty was very knowledgeable about Turner and his watercolours and so was able to give me a lot of background info. Betty was more than happy to go around the exhibition at my very slow pace (I use a mobility scooter to get around outside the house). All in all Betty and I had an enjoyable day out.

I am not going to go on about hospital appointments etc. as nothing has changed. More tests and more waiting.