Mobility, Bus passes and Batteries

I have a mobility scooter, I have a bus pass (disabled) and a scooter bus pass also. Well I lost the passes on Monday! So I have been stuck in the house and will be until the replacements arrive. They are no use to anyone as they have my picture on them and what scooter. Anne took me to town today and it has only been two days, but the feeling of the loss of independence is great. I couldn’t just go out. The scooter does 4mph and a range of about 8 miles (on the flat with a tail wind!). To get to town is 5 miles with some big hills(one in ten). So even if the battery lasts, it would take me about 1.5 hours to get there and the same back. Assuming I go nowhere in town.
So unless I can use the bus, I am stuck in the village. With the bus I can get to town (Northwich) , Chester, and surrounding villages. Even that is restricting. I cannot get to the local park as there is no direct bus and too much hill. So after the twentieth visit, you run out of shopping/looking at shops to do!
All because of the restrictions of lead acid batteries lol. They do make lithium batteries but they are over £100 each !! (two needed).

I do not drive now. I haven’t since my operation. I have a licence and could prob drive, but I am not 100% certain I would always be able to concentrate/react well enough. So I do not wish to take the chance.

I got my Toyo Large format camera out the other day and set it up. I managed to put the front standard on backwards and only realized when I couldn’t focus! lol I have some 4×5 film. So I am hoping to actually take some pictures with it soon. My aim is to be able to take the camera out on a scooter and go to the local park. (Visions of a mad scooter with a large tripod and big camera hanging out!).

It looks like I will finally be getting my works pension (microscopic though it is).
Health wise I have been up and down. I have had a lot of trouble with joints and ligaments that have hurt badly. Just now my right kneecap feels like someone is prying it off!
I normally put up with the pain, but every so often it ‘gets to me’.

The weather here has definitely gone to spring with temps around 40F at night to 54F during the day. A lot better for me. I used to love the cold, but now it causes so much pain.

I looked at some cct diagrams yesterday. Things that I could have drawn from scratch not long ago. I couldn’t even ‘see’ then properly now. I must admit that is where I am finding it very hard to accept. I used to have a near photographic memory and be very quick to take things in. I cannot seem to learn things now and things like a simple Colpitts oscillator cct is beyond me.
I had a scare last week. I was in town and thinking of going on the bus to Chester (I have to catch the Chester bus from town). I suddenly could not remember where Chester was or which bus or in fact anything but my name and how to get home. This lasted for about 1/2 hour. I decided to just ‘get home’!!
This is the first time that has happened for such a long period. Usually it is for say 1 min. I have been ‘pushing myself’ in the last few days physically and suspect I ‘reset’. the feeling was like I went (in my brain ) to get access to some memories and the room was ’empty’.
Life goes on.