Yesterday I spent all day at a Mind,Body,Spirit fair with Suzanna.

The day started early as we had a the stand to put up. I am not going to  talk all about the fair, because Suzanna has done a review of the day on her site (www.timeforhealing.co.uk).

For me the whole point of the day was to support Suzanna with her business. The day was very successful and a lot of interest was shown.

I did get a little time to look around the fair. This was not the first of these fairs I had been to.

Now you either believe in all 'this mumbo jumbo' or not. I do, but also recognise their are a lot of 'con merchants' out there.

The first fair I went to a few years ago left me very angry. Why? well I felt like (and forgive me if I do not get this exactly correct) jesus on the steps of the church angry at the money lender etc doing business. To me there were a lot of (IMHO) con merchants.

This time, I had a slightly different  view. Yes there were people making money our of what I concider to be a gift that is for sharing not sold to the highest bidder. But there were more people that believe in what they were doing.

Now as I said, you either believe or you don't. If you don't then the whole thing is a waste of time. Personally I think that the reality is somewhere between the two. Even if you don't agree with Tarot card etc, there was a stall selling hand made flutes and golblets. The quality of the work was very high. The amount of really nice jewelry was astounding. It would be very easy to spend a lot of money!

There was one stand that had some fantastic posters of Fairies. Even if you do not believe in them, the pictures were outstanding pieces of work. The problem was the price! Don't get me wrong. they were worth the price, just a lot more then I could afford( well I COULD afford them but was not prepared to pay that much for a poster).

Plenty of gem stones, some that would make great  ornaments. Stones can have great powers. This might sound daft but bear with me. Have you ever picked a pebble up or a stone whilst walking or just chatting to someone?

Its funny how you can be drawn to a specific stone. It 'feels right' you just keep it in your hand and rub it. Well I have a few stones like that. some remind me of places I have been others just 'feel right'.

I have some stones from holidays, from my parents bungalow, etc.

A lot of stones love sunlight, they seem to take on a new life when exposed to sun. We keep some stones on the windosill. The light reflects off the stones and projects shards of light around the bedroom.

It was a tiring day but interesting and well worth the effort.