Mike Harding

Last night we went to the Crewe Lyceum Theatre to see a great comedian, author and folk musician, Mike Harding.

Mike has not toured for about fifteen years. But has lost non of his wit, enthusiasm on stage presence.

The theatre was full and everyone was rolling in the isles. The tickets were a steal at £15 each, Well worth the cost.

Mike is an acomplished author spanning many years. Here is a list of his books.


1976 Napoleons Retreat From Wigan   EMI Music Ltd
1979 The Unluckiest Man in the World   Robson
1979 The Singing Street   Moonraker
1979 The Witch That Nicked Christmas    
1980 Folk Songs of Lancashire   Whitethorn
1980 Fur Coat and No Knickers (Play)   Samuel French
1980 Barnaby Barnaby Boy Wonder   Robson
1980 The 14 lb Budgie   Robson
1980 Up The Boo Aye Shooting Pookakis   Savoy
1981 The Armchair Anarchist’s Almanac   Robson
1981 One Night Stand (Play)    
1981 Hell Bent (Play)    
1982 Dead Ernest (Play)    
1983 Not With A Bang (Play)   Samuel French
1983 Killer Budgies   Robson
1984 When The Martians Land in Huddersfield   Robson
1985 You Can See The Angel’s Bum, Miss Worswick   Robson
1986 Rambling On   Robson
1987 Walking The Dales   Michael Joseph
1987 Bomber’s Moon   Michael Joseph
1988 Cooking One’s Corgi   Robson
1989 Footloose in the Himalaya   Michael Joseph
1990 Last Tango in Whitby (Play)   Samuel French
1992 A Free Man on Sunday (Play)    
1992 Daddy Edgar’s Pools   Peterloo Poets
1992 Walking the Peak and Pennine   Michael Joseph
1993 The Virgin of the Discos   Robson
1995 Hypnotising the Cat   Robson
1995 Buns For The Elephants   Penguin Viking
1996 Footloose in the West of Ireland   Michael Joseph
1997 Crystal Set Dreams   Peterloo Poets
1997 Comfort and Joy (Play)   Samuel French
1998 A Little Book of the Green Man   Aurum Press
1998 A Little Book of Gargoyles   Aurum Press
1998 A Little Book of Stained Glass   Aurum Press
1998 A Little Book of Misericords   Aurum Press
2005 Yorkshire Transvestite Found Dead On Everest   Hayloft
2008 A Little Book of Angels   Aurum Press
2008 A Little Book of Devils & Demons   Aurum Press
2008 A Little Book of Miracles & Marvels   Aurum Press
2008 A Little Book of Tombs & Monuments   Aurum Press
2009 Strange Lights over Bexleyheath   Luath Press
2009 A Guide to North Country Flies    

At the end of the show we bought some CD's and DVD's of his to replace the well worn tapes we have. Mike did a signing and I managed to have a little chat with him. There was non of this 'sign and move on' stuff you get with some celebrities. No a very approachable person.

Whilst he was signing, he told us about a special picture that is used on the cover of his CD called Bombers Moon. The picture was sent to him and is a picture of the actual bomber that his Father was killed in during the war.

The original picture he has hung up at home.

So we add to that two really nice parties (one my niece's Sons second birthday) on the Saturday and you can see, we had a fun filled weekend!

Go and see Mike Harding if you get chance. He's a laugh a minute, as a comedian, and his serious side is pure quality too.

I for one am very glad that he has decided to tour again and will be eagerly waiting for more tour dates.

Mike Harding at a signing