Its the start of the jam season. The season starts with marmalade. Seville oranges come into season (in the UK).

So We bought a kilo. For a recipe, we used 'Pam the jam's (River cottage jam/pickle  maker). The restults are fantastic! 11 1Lbs jars to keep us in marmalade for the year.

Well….. yes but it did not stop there lol.

Next I made some lime marmalade. Just four jars from a 1Lbs of fruit (450g). At first it tasted great but a bit 'not quite right'. But by the next day it was literally mind blowing! FAR better then any shop bought stuff.

Enough? well….. nope lol

Next came another kilo of oranges and another 11 jars. Then yesterday it was the turn of lemons lol.

Suzanna thinks I have gone nuts lol, but I love cooking!

The marmalade we have made is really tastey, but I have not got the 'knack' of getting the rind equally though the marmlade. I have tried letting the marmalade cool a bit before pooring and pooring in stages.

so this is an area I need to practice more.

Its not just jams and marmalade I like making, pickles, chutneys, in fact almost all cooking.

So what do you like to make?