March and nothing changes

Well March is here and not a lot has changed. I am still under investigation and off work. My health generally has still (albeit slower) deteriorated.

I go to town using a local ‘Charity transport service’ and borrow a mobility scooter to go around town for a couple of hours and meet a friend. I have tried longer then two hours but I have not got the energy for that.

I have been awarded the highest award in both sections of pips (the replacement for DLA (Disability living allowance)).

We have decided to move to a bungalow as stairs are beginning to become a problem for me. This means sorting out 23 years of possessions (read crap! lol).My workshop has to be turned back into a bedroom and a lot of stuff has to be got rid of.

I am waiting for some more neurological tests to try to explain why I have problems with my walking, why my short term memory is so bad and why I have suddenly started to go from being left handed all my life to right handed. I can now write with my right hand. Before I could not even hold a pen properly!

I have been very disappointed with a lot of ‘friends’ that have just vapourised into the ether as soon as I have become ill. Very few have carried on communicating with me.

This is a sad indication of society these days unfortunately. People are generally out for what they can get and are not interested in anyone else.

So whilst I would love to write about the ‘fun times’ I am having, I can’t lol.