Local swimming pool

A new Leisure complex has opened up in Northwich. Included in this complex are the usual swimming pool, Gym and Spa area (saunas, hot tub etc). We went today to try it out. Suzanna already goes to a similar complex near her works during her lunch break a few times a week.
Now I am not really going to be able to swim, but I can use the hot tub and saunas. the heat helps my pain a great deal. Funny really as before, I used to love the cold. Now I welcome heat.
First impressions are that whilst it has the usual ‘snagging’ of a new complex to get done, it is worth using. so I have taken out a membership. It works out at less than the running cost of having our own hot tub per day. so worth the cost. It will also give me another reason to get out and got to town.
I tried to develop some film using daylight tanks. I had to stop as the concentration needed to make up the diluted developer and fixer was just too much for me. I know that this sounds silly, but the more I think or exert myself, the more I seem to ‘use up some chemical’ that easily becomes depleted.
I am determined to get back to doing my own films, but will have to work out how to do it in stages.
Stand developing sounds as a pos developing times is in hours not mins. this way I could put things together and go and rest for a while.
I have a new mobility scooter. A ‘class 3’ (which means it does up to 8 mph and can go on the road). also I have bought a bigger battery pack for the ‘Boot scooter’. This has given me a greater deal of freedom. I can now go to town by myself when I wish. A very good feeling.