Light at the end of the tunnel.

Well after three months of being very ill and in a lot of pain, I am feeling better. Not 100% but tolerable.

What I mean by that is that I have come off all my 'big' pain killers and I can think again. I am still waiting for a lot of test results and two appointments with specialists. They think I may have some form of connective tissue problem (Lupus,ME,etc,etc).

So as I have been feeling a lot better, I have started to do things to 'get active' again. No I am not going overboard, just doing some of my hobbies for now.

So today I have been developing some films I have had in the fridge for a while.

Now one of the things I have got interested in doing is using coffee to develop the films. Yes you heard correctly coffee lol.

Here are a couple of links to the two main websites about it.

It actually DOES work! Basically it's coffee (strong cheap coffee), washing soda and a bit of citric acid (lemon juice).

It can be used for film AND paper developer and has really interesting properties.

So today I also tried out a couple (one 35mm and one 120) of daylight developing tanks. These are tanks that you literally put the film in (in the daylight) and then the chemicals and develop the film. No darkroom/changing bag required!

They are very old (probably 50's) but work well. One has a washer that is a bit 'compressed with age' and so leaks chemicals out a bit (so I use it on the draining board! lol), but they work.

I have not developed films for many years,  so I have a lot to 'relearn'. Things like loading spools measuring the chemicals correctly, etc,etc.

I have developed three films today. Two with caffenol and one with conventional developer (Rodinal). I used Rodinal to prove a problem I was having was not the developer (no it was my clumsiness lol).

Not all the films came out fully, but generally they were a success (touching on reels and things like that).

So all in all a nice day!