It’s time to say Goodbye…

No I am not  going or stopping the blog.
I got rid of some cameras today. I used to collect Pentax cameras and I had nearlly all the film versions that were available.
None of them were ‘mint’ condition, but they were a good collection. Well today I made the first steps in getting rid of them all. Some are not going. The MX will be burried with me.
Its a manual camera from a bye gone era, but its just feels right.Its strange but that makes all the difference in if you are going to use the camera, in fact more then its spec.
Thats what is going to decide which I keep. The program A, I never really got comfortable with. Same with the LX. Now the LX is a great camera and very well built, but to me it was just not ‘the right feel’.
I have an MG and that I love. I much prefer the MG to the ME super so that is another one I will be keeping.
If you are familiar with the Pentax range of cameras, then a lot of what I have said would just not make sense.
I have many other makes of camera as well and some are just what I would call ‘fun cameras’. Usually they are ones that I have bought for next to nothing broken and repaired myself. The fun was making them work again. Its strange but I get more fun taking the pictures then I do from the pictures. I even thought at one  point of not bothering with the film at all! lol But then you can’t tell if you got it right.
I DID buy a new camera today. what was it? Its an Olympus compact digital camera. The same make and model I already owned.Why? Well they have made one big improvment to it and to me that was worth buying. The old one used XD memory cards, whilst the new one uses SDHC cards. All my other digital cameras use SD/SDHC cards so it makes it a lot easier all round.  I am selling the old one (complete with two years insurance cover that will be transferred).
The camera has one or two nice (IMHO) things. one is that the zoom is the equiv of 24mm to 180mm in 35mm. Now the main use of this camera is at parties, family gatherings etc.
These usually take place in doors and having a wider angle zoom, makes all the difference.
It feels strange getting rid of my spotmatics and all the lenses,. almost like loosing a limb,but as the heading says ” Its time to say goodbye”….