Hot hot hot!

Term has finished and we have gone away for a week to  a cottage in the middle of nowhere. The place is Morrells wood farm near Leighton Shropshire.

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It has been too hot for us. Temps around 28~30C and this has impacted on what we have done.

We have been to Much Wenlock (nice little village),

Iron Bridge Gorge Victorian village (starred in the Victorian Pharmacy series on TV, and was VERY good but far too hot), Bridgenorth (nice but again too hot and to be honest like a lot of other small villages/towns around the UK).

This is the cottage we are staying in:

2013-07-23 11.24.58




It is a small one bedroom place, but with a small amount of modifications, we could live here permanently. I don’t fancy the one mile driveway (single track) in winter though! lol.

Health has no improved and to be honest, is not improving. This could be ‘as good as it gets’, or it could keep improving. At the moment, work is taking more out of me then I can ‘re-coup’ over night.

Time for a nice cool drink!