Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to work we go….

Well the festive season has gone. The last mince pie eaten and the alarm at some ungodly hour goes off. Like a  lot of people I have had a cold over  the festive season. Normally colds etc are just a minor problem. These days however due to the meds I am now on, they present more of a problem.

Anyway back at work I am. Hot 'cold remedies'  at the ready!

As some of you know. I work at a local High School, We have changed to become an academy. Basically as far as I can see the only differance (apart from name/logo etc) is that we have a sponsor. In our case Chester University.

The idea being that we can 'tap into' their reasources and experience to enhance our school. This seems to be the trend in the UK and I think that it will have benifits for us.

Now I don't know about you, but we are nearly always  rushing to get ready for Christmas. This year was an exception. We had everything done and were sat there thinking 'what have we missed'? lol.

After the new year, I am always wanting to get the decorations down and 'spring clean'. to me its a new year so a fresh start.. But we do wait for 'twelth night' before taking the tree down.

New years resolutions?

 Well yes I have  made a few, but to be honest, they are things I was going to do anyway.

2011 was a strange year. I had some very good times, but some very low times also. I am still grieving for my mother, two years on.

The thing with grief, you can tell yourself anything you want logically and common sense wise. But it does not follow either.

Time will heal.

Well I have managed to NOT put a load of weight on over xmas so thats a good start. I have an ECG and ultrasound on my heart this week to see if this condition I have (and had for the last 20+ years but they have only just diagnosed!!) has done any damage to my heart.

Next week, I go for a 'hi res' MRI to see if I have a tumor on either of my adreanal glands (causing the hyperaldostoneism). If that is the case then it can be removed and everything should be fine.

If there isn't then its a genetic thing and I 'keep taking the tablets' lol

Ah well back to work…….