Happy New Year!

A Happy New year to you all.
The year has started with mixed results. I have lost an aunt. She dies just after Xmas. June Preston was the last of five sisters. One of them being my mum. My mum (Lillian Abbott) died in 2009, but somehow because June was still alive, it was like they were all there. I could close my eyes and just listen to them all talking when June spoke.
June Preston was a very down to Earth character and loved by so many people. Never any ‘airs or graces’. Just a true ‘WYSIWYG'(What you see is what you get!).
She was the same right up until the end. It is the very sad end of an era.
On a brighter note. My health whilst not being good shows signs of improving. I (like lots of us) have put weight on over the holidays. This must come off and soon. I am now on a synthesized version of morphine for pain. Non of the ‘trips’ but just as addictive and associated side effects.
I try to only take when I just can’t stand the pain any more. I am supposed to be taking every four hours!
The weather has been very mild with temps up at 17C!! It is more ‘normal’ temps now for December but still mild.
If anyone (LOL) is actually interested in following what I do (not much more interesting then watching paint dry!), then look me up on Face ache (Face Book). I post every day almost.
I have decided to continue this blog for now. More for my own satisfaction then anything.
2015 was a very mixed year for me. Some good things and some terrible things. Hope fully 2016 will be more of the good and a lot less of the terrible.