Happy Fathers day

Here in the UK today is fathers day. We celibrate being fathers (in reality our children give us a card and a present and if we are lucky they visit us).

For me we celibrated it on Saturday. Why? wel last Wednesday was Betty's birthday (Suzanna's mum). She was 87. So we all met at her house and celibrated her birthday. At the same time My daughters gave me my cards and presents.

The family gathering


I got some very nice aftershave, some dvd's I was wanting and some chocs.

As time goes on and my children grow up, they have their own lives to lead and so we tend to see less of them. I DO work with my son in law which is good.

Today I put my cards up and ate the chocs lol.

I will watch the dvd's over the comming weeks. They are mainly historical things (how the tudors lived etc.), just what I asked for.

Its been a good day, with me catching up on my SciFi and getting some jobs done.

All in all a good weekend.