First Day back at work (At Last)

Well after nearly five months of being of work, I am on a 'staged return to work'

I do two hours a day for the next two weeks and I am not allowed to leave me office (except for 'comfort breaks. This is to stop me doing too much). Then up to four hours for two weeks and allowed to move around the School.

Today went well. the two hours flew past. There is a lot of work to do and it will be hard to not do too much, but it is fun being at work again.

I still have all sorts of medical things to sort out, but I feel more positive about it all now.

The sun has even come out so things can't be too bad lol.

On the photography front, I have spent some time scanning old photos. This takes a lot of time. More time then you could imagine! It's fine of you have one or two to do, but I have well over 12,000!! Yes a lot. This task will take me many years to complete. It also means that I cannot afford to spend a lot of time on each individual print.

Looking around the house, I see so many 'jobs' that have just had to wait until I am well enough again. The trouble is just thinking about them makes me groan internally lol.

Still they have waited for five months already, so they will wait a bit longer.