Well things have moved on a bit for me. I have been daignosed with Sleep Apnoea. It seems that I stop breathing on average 48 times an hour (by stopping breathing is defined as no breath for over 20 secs).

I picked up my CPAP machine yesterday. Basically for those that don't know, it's a machine that pumps air 'into me' though a face mask. So I have effectively an 'air splint' keeping my airway open.

It is something I will have to use for the rest of my life. I tried it last night and whilst it was a very desturbed nights sleep (hey I have had them for years! lol), it was not as bad as I though it would be.

This morning  (as told might happen) I actually feel worse then normal. This is partly due to my lungs being filled fully with each breath. This has 'exercised' my chest muscles. They now hurt lol.

All the symptoms I have now, can be directly related to Sleep apnoea. So the hope is that soon, I will start to feel a lot better and be able to do more then 'just exist'.

Here is a link all about PAP and CPAP:

The weather has been topsy turvy and we have had bright sun (like now) yet yesterday we had snow storms.

I had another blood test yesterday to check my Vitamin D levels and see if they have come up. I will make an appointment to see the doc and get the results next week.

Work has been very hard for me these last couple of months. I have only a small amount of energy and it is soon used up.

I know of at least one friend that understand that senario all too well grin.

When my sleep is sorted out, I intend to loose a lot of weight. The goal is to eventually loose around 5st (70lbs,32Kg).

NOT all in one goal, but over the next year or so.

I am not bothered what my weight is, more how healthy I am. With this last lot of problems sorted (hopefully), I will stand a 'fighting chance' to do something about my weight.