Christmas Fayre at Little Moreton Hall

Last Sunday, we went to one of the special events that are held throughout the year at Little Moreton hall (website). This time it was Christmas Fayre.

In the ground floor rooms were various displays of typical food and presents from the Elizabethan times. Here are some examples.





To add to the festive atmosphere, there was a quartet of musicians called Piva.



As with a lot of National Trust places, they do not allow flash photography (although I seemed to be the only one obeying that rule!), so some of the pictures are not as good as I would like.

The restaurant at LMH is fantastic. They do not do full hot meals, but things like soup,sandwiches, cakes etc. BUT I would put there menu up against any pub grub for quality any time!

The quality is top notch. We  had for lunch a pork batch with apple source and salad (mmm) . They do not skimp on the meat!

We followed that later (couldn't resist lol) with a minced pie and some (for me as I wasn't the driver) mulled wine. Best I have ever had!!

Piva are there again next Sunday (18th) and there is a soloist on the Saturday.

We expected to be there for about one hour. We spent from when they opened to 3:30PM!

The people who dress up and tell you about the various exhibits are very knowledgable people. It is always a pleasure talking to them.

So if you have a National Trust place near you, why not see if they are putting on any events?

You may find that you have a really good time.