Cheshire Steam fair

Well this weekend has been another weekend of doing nice things.

On Saturday we went to the Cheshire steam fair (

The fair has all the usual attractions. Some brought back fond memories from my youth (Susan and Trish remember the fair at Benllech?).

Hook a duck.



Talk about bringing back memories lol



How many hours (and money) have I spent on these!


There were the usual stalls selling everything from 'snake oil' to bits of traction engines and cars. I  found a 'real charactor' complete with top hat (well past it's best) and has obviously seen a lot of life lol.

He was selling all sorts of things and had a very nice blue parrot as a companion. Anyway me being me bought a stove to add to my collection. Don't ask just how many stoves I have as I won't say!

I got it for £8 and it is worth about £30 when cleaned up and a new wick put in it. But thats not the reason for buying it. I used to own one of this type of stove and gave it  away many years ago. I have regretted it ever since!

I don't have a picture of the stove (it would bore the pants off anyone other than a stove collector).

The traction engines at the fair were a lot less than in other years and whilst there were many Fodens and Porters, there was only one clayton and shuttleworth. Now whilst I like all traction engines, I do like the Claytons. They are an older design and they were taken over by Marshall's in the 1930's having not survived the depression.

Here are some pictures of the engines.


Foden with an Avlin and Porter behind.



Clayton and Shuttleworth (note the inspection hatch on the side of the engine).

I took many pictures, but these are typical of the day so I won't post any more.

The smell is (to me ) fantastic! full of smoke and steam lol.

Its one of those smells that you never forget and once you have been bitten by the steam bug, you are hooked for life.