Cabbages and Kings

After six weeks of having this chest infection, I am finally getting rid of it. I still have a cough, but that is a side effect from my blood pressure meds.

Here in the UK we have had a long weekend with the Friday and the Monday being bank holidays. We have the same thing again this weekend due to the Royal wedding this Friday followed by Mayday.

This is great and gives a 'four day weekend', but trying to get back into the swing of work for just a few days is hard.

At home, we have a rather large backlog of jobs to do that we have not been able to do for the last six weeks. These include a lot of gardening. We  have started by cleaning the patio and potting on the geraniums into bigger pots ready for going out in a few weeks. The seed potatoes are over due for planting and we have decided not to grow any tomatoes this year. The two new raised beds we have need filling with compost and then we can start planting the herbs etc into these beds.

On the photography front, I have finally managed to take some photos with the 120 camera and a couple of 35 mm cameras (one half frame). I have not developed the films yet, so I have no idea how they will turn out. My workshop has started to be be sorted. I finally have a desk in there! Somewhere to put my computer and scanners. The computer has not been swithed on for nearlly a year and is very much over due for some updates. This machine uses  aversion of Linux called Ubuntu. There is a new version due out in two days time, so I wil wait for that and update to the latest version.

I have bought another sever. This is a 'micro server' from HP.  Ebuyer has an offer on them. The server is £260 (approx) but comes with a cashback offer from HP of £100. So the server ends  up costing just £160. It is a nice small box and comes with some ram (not full compliment) and one 260gig HD. It can take 4 disks and I will populate it with either 2TB or 3TB disks in a RAID five config. This might be used as my Media server. (the server will take Windows/Linux/BSD/VMWare esxi) For a small office or home use, it is (IMHO) a good deal. Its quiet too!

I am not sure yet if I will watch the Royal wedding as Its not really my thing. I wish them well and hope everything goes as planned, but I am not into weddings whoever they are.

Our new caravan has not had much use yet as we have not been up to going anywhere. But we have decided to get 'motor movers' put on. These are geared motors that engage the wheels and allow you (by remote control) to move the van at slow speed. I have just been finding out about them and it seems that as our carvan is so small and light (~750KG laden), we have to make sure that there is sufficent nose weight or we might end up doing 'wheelies' !!!

This is because all the movers are disigned for heavier vans lol. The picture of our van doing wheelies around the site raised a smile lol.