Blame the Computer/ICT!!

Well It's Monday lunch time and the day has been going with its usual roller coaster ride.
One minute the ICT dept is 'the devil in-carnet', the next we are the ' great saviour'!!
Such is life. Nothing out of the norm there then lol, but it does make for frustration and stress. Yes part of the job and I accept that.
However, when you get people who basically use the technology/ICT dept as an excuse, that frustrates me.
Obviously I can't go into specifics, No that would be wrong. Its a common 'theme' though.
Boss: ' Have youy done xxx?'
Admin:' No we can't the computer broke. We told  it about it days ago but they haven't done anything. We are waiting for them to fix it'!
This translates to:
Boss: ' Have youy done xxx?'
Admin: "oh Bu**er. I've forgot. I know lets blame the computer. The reality is that the person can't remember how to do some thing / does it wrong and so causes a problem (like saving all ther files on the desktop and not on the network where they are supposed to so they will be backed up).
The one that makes me laugh is 'The computers made a mistake'.
I have been in computing since 1981 and the number of times a computer has actually 'got it wrong' is so low as to not be countable!!
No the computer did exactly what it was asked to do. It was just asked the wrong questions.
Yes computers do fail. Yes they often do not do the thing you wanted them to do, but thats always because either yourself or the programmer got it wrong.
Anyway enough of that.
Computers are tools. nothing more and nothing less. There are times when they are the best tool for the job and other times when its better to use other means.
I am at or near a form of computer all day and night. Every day, but I use a paper pocket diary. It has not batteries to fail. It has survived the washing machine(!)
It  has a very quick boot up time, etc.
So the right tool for the job.
I do not have an Ipad. Nothing wrong with them and yes it would be a nice toy. But (for me personally) It would run out of power trying to keep up with me.
My desktop is a quad core 3ghz with tones or ram and 2TB of hard disk space.
I often have to wait for it to catch me up. I have also often ran out of reasources. But I AM an exception. I run so many things at once and often many OS's at once (virtual machines).
So I have to wait.
But thats MY problem