Birthdays galore!

Its been a little while since my last post. Suzanna and I have both had our birthdays. Suzanna'a was on the 16th and mine on the 26th.

We normally celibrate the two at the weekend between the two birthdays.

So we went to a Restraunt at Cheshire Oaks Ellsmere Port called Nandos.

Deborah, Mark, Lisa and Tom all came along. We had a great meal and really enjoyed a family get together.

Now on my actual birthday, Suzanna had a stall at a local beauty fair for her business. It was unfortunate, but that was how it fell.

So I helped man the stall all day. The day was very busy and successfull. For a more coplete review, go to Suzanna's blog (TFH).

Today would be my mothers birthday (three days after mine). She died in 2009 and is still badly missed. Everyone in the family is thinking of Christmas and when I was younger I would be excited about the comming holday.

These days, I am glad of a rest and time to 'catch my breath'.This year has just flown past but at least the weather is mild. I am still sat here at work in a short sleved shirt(my office opens out to the outside).

I must admit to being rather 'melencholic' at the moment, for various reasons, My parents are both dead and their birthdays were both in this month. I 'feel' old., I am tired probably due to my blood pressure meds changing (yet again!) and this time they actually seem to be doing something. I started to think of all those 'projects' I/we have waiting to be started/worked on/finished,and realised that a lot of them are just never going to happen. Time to have a clear out.

What will my children keep of our stuff when we are gone? what is worth saving to pass on the them?

Don't get me wrong, I am not thinking of 'cashing my chips in' just yet lol, But I did start to wonder just what that we have will just end up down the charity shop or in a skip?

When we cleared out my mothers bungalow, a lot of the  stuff did end up down the charity shops and the local skip (furniture that was not wanted or valuable). The main things that were kept were the family photos, some jewelry and information.

So of the 'material good' she owned, a lot was not wanted. You see thats the thing. We are all inour middle age and have grown up children (and some with grand children), and we have our own stuff. Houses, furniture etc. So we were not reallywanting any.

So remembering the amount of work it took all three of us (and more) to sort through things, I have decided that things I no longer need/want/would likely be wanted by our children is going!

I am and have always been somewhat of a 'horder/squirrel' So as you can imagine, I have a lot of stuff to clear out lol.

It will take time (probably many years), but I do not want to give my children the trouble of knowing what to do with collections and things that they hadly know what they are let alone what to do with them.

It all sounds sad and morbid. but you kow its actually quite 'uplifting' as well. It feels like I will take a great weight off my sholders.