Betty’s 91st Birthday

Today is my mother in law’s 91st Birthday. She is in fine health. no arthritis, bit deaf, but nothing else.
We celebrated her Birthday this weekend.It has been a fine family affair. Her social life puts ours to shame!
The summer is here and the weather has improved. Things are generally looking up. My health has stabilized and so long as I don’t do too much. That is something I am still learning lol.
The new Northwich swimming(leisure complex) has opened and I have taken a membership out. This includes swimming (which I can’t really do), and the Spa area. This is mainly what I have taken membership out for. The concessionary rate is £22.50 per month. The main reason is for the jacuzzi, which helps my pain with the heat. We thought about getting our own jacuzzi, but apart form the big bill of buying one (starting at about £4k for one that will last), there is the running costs. These are about £1 per day(£30 per month). The membership costs £22.50 per month and they have all the maintenance! So I am trying to go three times a week(Mon, Wed, Fri). Suzanna goes swimming during her lunch at work to the swimming pool near her office. Anne joins me and goes swimming. After we have been, we go across the road to the local Weatherspoons (a national pub chain). They serve ‘bottomless coffee’ for 99p. We sit and play cards and drink coffee.
This may seem like a leisurely morning, but remember I am disabled and had to retire. It has been a great difficulty for me to accept that I will never work again and will spend the rest of my life feeling like I have ‘pulled a 48hr job’ and just been beaten up.
So I am trying to have some routine in my life. It would be all to easy to just not bother. Why bother? what’s the point?
so easy to say, especially when you are in constant pain that you wouldn’t wish on your enemy.
I visit the local library and go around the local shops. I have started to carry a camera or two with me, but so far have not had the ‘drive’ to start taking pictures. Soon I hope.
It would be very easy to look at my Mother in law and be jealous of her health. I am 55. She is 91!
But life deals you a set of cards. My parents were not in good health. Not ‘lifestyle’ but genes.
I have been dealt a hand, it is up to me to make the best use of them.