All I asked was…..

I have just got back from A&E
As some of you know I have had a bad time with a chest infection that seems to be ending with me have suspected asthma.
The doc (whilst waiting for my 'lung test' appointment) has put me on an inhaler ( ventolin).
I have had this three days now and it has made a massive diff.
Anyway today I started this morning coughing up lots of green gunge. This has gone on all day. I felt this evening as though I was comming down with a cold. So I thought 'lemsip' then bed (knackered from coughing all day). But then thought is that ok with my meds?
I know I will phone the local pharmacy and ask.
And so it began lol.
I of course am coughing away whilst trying to talk to the pharmasist ( sounding like a 60+ a day smoker. I have never smoked), She immediately says you need to talk to the night service doc. so call them and start to explain again ( making me cough even more). they say can you get to local hospital? or do you want a doc out now!!!
So we got to local hospital and wait (me still coughing my guts up!)….. and wait….

Got seen by a nice chap and basically told no lemsip go home take a 'dramm' and go to bed to sleep!
It seems they thought I was having an asthma attack.
All I asked was……