A long overdue update!

It has been far too long since I did a post. Things have changed. I have now finished work.
I am registered disabled and use a mobility scooter to go anywhere. hey have stopped poking and prodding me and decided that I have Fibromyalgia and (for want of a better label) a physical form of PTSD. By that they mean that my body is in shock from having such uncontrolled amounts of chemicals for so long then having them removed. so many ‘systems’ are deaf. Some don’t work and some just plain do what they want!
This is the hand of cards I have, so I may as well get on with life!
We are moving to a bungalow as I am not so confident on stairs now. I have not fallen yet but it’s that ‘feeling’ of not being 100% with them.
I have a lot of permanent pain and they are playing around with meds to see if any can help. A lot of these meds have rather nasty side effects (hallucinations upwards).
The heat helps a lot and I must try very hard not to over do things. It is so easy to forget just what things adrenaline is used for. watching TV, reading, even just chatting take it out of my poor reserves. I liken it to trying to run a car on a AA battery and only having a trickle charger for it!