10 Hard Truths IT Must Learn To Accept

An excerpt from an article that I found that seems very true years on!


    10 Hard Truths IT Must Learn To Accept [ From: WServerNews ]


    I have been reading InfoWorld since 1981. Yes, that shows a bit of my age, but then I started in IT when I was five! LOL. Dan Tynan actually put his finger on the sore spot, ten sore spots to be honest. But the funniest part was how he started his article, here is a short quote:

    "In a perfect world, your network would suffer no downtime and be locked down tight. You'd be in perfect compliance with all government regulations, and your users would all be self-supporting. The cloud would take care of nearly all your infrastructure needs, and there wouldn't be a single device accessing the network you didn't first approve of and control. Also: You'd finally get the respect and admiration you truly deserve."

    Wouldn't THAT be nice? We'd be on a tropical island with a tablet to now and then check in to see how all the metrics are in the green. Well, the reality is different. Here are the ten points. And I suggest you read the article as well. It's painful but true, here are the ten 'ouches'.


    1. The iPhone revolution is here to stay

    2. You've lost control over how your company uses technology

    3. You'll always have downtime

    4. Your systems will never be fully compliant

    5. The cloud will not fix everything (and may even break some stuff)

    6. You will never have enough hands on deck

    7. Your network has already been compromised

    8. Your company's deepest secrets are only a tweet away

    9. Your users will never support themselves

    10. You will never get the respect you deserve