Well Christmas and all the festivities are over now and it's the start of a new year.

Like a lot of people, I have made (to myself) some 'new years resolutions'. Nothing unusual at all (get my health better, enjoy life more and less stress, do more of my hobbies).

We went away for Christmas this year for a change. We went by train to York and stayed in the Royal York hotel (http://www.royalhotelyork.co.uk/).

Now the station is so close to the hotel that you really couldn't get any closer lol

Here is a picture of the station, the TWO pubs between and the hotel:

2012-12-25 09.51.12

The left building is the station (and a pub that is great for food plus the usual beers etc.), The white building in the middle is the 'York Tap' (note a Tap not a pub, i.e. no hot food or sandwiches, just nuts crisps and pork pies. It DOES however have over 40 hand pulled real ales and many ciders/porters).

The hotel is a very fine Victorian hotel and has that 'greatness' about it.

York itself was very enjoyable and what was the nicest was that we did not plan anything. That did mean that meals were a bit 'hap hazard'

This week is the first week back at work full time. It has been a very tiring week, but I have managed it! I have an appointment for the sleep clinic in a couple of weeks time. I am hoping that things will start to move forward on that front.

We have continued to sort out lots of our possessions that we have collected over the years (DVD's/CD's etc). After my 'illness' last year, it made us realise that we just had far too much 'clutter'/possessions that we will never use/look at etc.

so we have decided to simplify our lives. I have got rid of many servers and some photographic gear.
 This year is aimed at making better use of a few things, rather then 'stretching ourselves too thin'. Last year we only managed to use the caravan a few times as I was just too ill to go away in it. This is something we definitely want to change this year. On the photography front, I want to finish off making my darkroom and start using it. I have not used my large format cameras yet, so this is another area to get going.

One thing we have found is after getting rid of unused things, we have a lot more room. In fact in some rooms it seems positively empty! lol

In a few years time, we will start to think about moving to where we wish to retire to. Probably a bungalow, but almost certainly a smaller place. So sorting out now will save us doing it later lol.

Last year didn't  turn out as I thought it would, but we made it through and we are both positive in our attitudes.

I hope you all have had a good Festive season and have a healthy happy new year.